Harpenden Greenbelt Association

Objectives of the Organisation

The Harpenden Green Belt Association is keenly interested in the impact of ill thought out development on local schools, traffic congestion, parking, medical facilities, our train service and water supply and drainage. This gives us common ground with the Harpenden Society and we are glad to have shared in successful campaigns in company with the Society since we were formed in 2002.


We believe in the positive philosophy that led to the creation of the green belt. This is to prevent urban sprawl, the coalescence of neighbouring towns and the encroachment of towns into the countryside, to preserve the character of towns and to encourage the re- use of brownfield land. We add that here in Harpenden the existence of the green belt preserves the sustainability of our Town. These are positive ambitions, completely distinct from the negativity of Nimbyism.


The Association is separate from the Harpenden Society, with a separate Town-wide membership and a different remit.


We are proud that our campaigning has defended the green belt surrounding the Town from many serious and determined attacks since we were formed, and we plan to continue our vigorous work.

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